Day Supportive Services

We are committed to providing person centered supportive services to individuals with a wide variety of abilities, interests, physical and health needs as they explore opportunities, develop independence and achieve valued inclusive community roles. Each individual works with a team to develop and implement an individualized plan that assists in achieving their goals.

Therapeutic and Recreational Supports

We have several options of service for individuals whose therapeutic needs are a priority, who have chosen a path other than work or have retired. We provide:

  • Enriching activities and community involvement for senior program participants.
  • Recreational and therapeutic services with a focus on community involvement.
  • Comprehensive care to individuals based on their individual health and physical needs.
  • Community based horticulture activities.

Vocational Training and Employment Opportunities

We provide a wide variety of person centered supports for individuals who would like to enhance their ability to find and/or retain community based employment. Services include both classroom and community experiences that focus on career planning, job development and life skills. We present work training opportunities in several supported businesses that offer a wide variety of vocational experiences.

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Citizens with Power is a self-advocacy group for people with developmental disabilities who live in the Blackstone Valley area. This forum allows people to share information, learn from each other's experiences, discuss things that are important in the lives of people who have a disability and empower people to set goals, stick to them and never let go of their dreams. This group works very closely with Advocates in Action, a state wide self-advocacy organization in Rhode Island.